Panflute solo

Panflute solo

Daan Manneke(1939)
Faux Bourdon (1995)

André Douw (1951)
In memoriam Toru Takemitsu (With CD) (1997)

Wim de Ruiter (1943)
Long Breath (with cd) (2001)

Danny de Graan(1973)
Imaginary Friend (+electronics) (2004)
You think you know me  (+electronics and images)(2008)

Louis Aguirre (1960)
IBEY II (+amplification) (2006)

Theo Loevendie
Entrance music I* (2005)
la Flûte de Pan*

Kjell Hählen
3 Concert etudes for panpipes (2009)

Daan Manneke (1939)
Only scales, mit groszem Ausdruck but almost quasi lontano e soave…….

Chiel Meijering (1954)
Playboy, for Contrabass Panflute and electronics (2013)

Lucio Garau (1959)
Studio (2012) for panflute and electronics.

Ron Ford (1959)
Probe (2013) for Contrabass Panflute


foto: Claudia Hanssen